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What's New in Manhattan, KS
City cemeteries are GIS mapped for online viewing.
It is now possible to search for names and locations of persons buried in Sunset and Sunrise Cemeteries.   A specific grave may be located using the Manhattan, KS Cemeteries - Grave Locator.   Click on the magnifier in the upper right hand corner and type the name of the person.  
If only a surname is entered, the system will return a list of all persons with that surname.  If both surname and first name is entered, persons matching those names will be listed.  In either case, the system automatically goes to the correct cemetery and location for the person selected.
The remaining cemeteries in Riley County have not been GIS mapped for online viewing.  However searching for names in these cemeteries is possible by clicking on Cemeteries in Riley Co at this website.  
Winter has arrived.  
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March 29
Low German Mennonite Settlers in Kansas
Elizabeth Black is the Outreach Program Manager for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at The University of Kansas.  Osher programs are offered across the state for adult learners.  Black has Mennonite roots and has studied the history of these early Kansas settlers.  She is an animated speaker and can make history come alive ...